The Common Microcredential Framework (CMF) is a collaborative effort by leading European online education providers, including FutureLearn, FUN, MiríadaX, EduOpen, iMooX, and OpenupEd/EADTU

The CMF enables the creation of high-quality MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) across various European languages and offers academic credits based on the European Qualification Framework (EQF) and other recognized national qualification frameworks. It unifies qualification standards, promoting transparency and cross-border recognition of qualifications within Europe's higher education institutions.

What is the purpose of the CMF?

The CMF aims to encourage the development of qualifications that will better meet the needs of modern learners anywhere in the world. The framework helps you gain knowledge and skills at a higher education level in smaller units, delivered in a way that fits around your lifestyle and tailored to meet your interests and needs. It also allows for learning to be recognised towards formal qualifications in a seamless way.


graduated 3135773 removebg previewAs a student, microcredential programmes provide you a very focused curriculum. It offers a flexible, targeted way to help you develop the knowledge, skills and competences you need in a professional environment.

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As an employer, microcredentials can help you to identify job candidates with the right skills, or to provide the right type of focused training to you employees.

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 As a Higher Education Institute (HEI), microcredentials are a great way to repackage traditional offerings and develop new offerings fit for more work-ready graduates.

Why is it relevant to me?

What are the requirements of the CMF?

To meet the requirements of the CMF, microcredentials must meet the following specifications:

Would you like to know more about the Common Microcredential Framework? The following paper by EADTU and EMC delves into standardising microcredentials for MOOCs and Short Learning Programmes (SLPs).

The European Common Micro-credentials Framework for MOOCs and Short Learning Programmes


FutureLearn microcredentials

MiríadaX MOOCs


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OpenupEd MOOCs

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