Report: MOOCs for Employability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

"Massive Open Online Courses for Employability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: a Rapid Assessment of Evidence"

We are proud to announce that the first public report of EMC-LM is now published online. This report identifies several interstices where the worlds of higher education, vocational educational, training and open online learning come are converging. Evidence is provided for the contention that, through enhancing opportunities for flexible delivery of education, MOOCs can innovate the way that we approach degree programmes, lifelong learning, CE and CPD. The information gathered in this report aims to provide a comprehensive overview of relevant material but does not claim to be exhaustive. This report was written as part of the EMC-LM project as a way to establish a shared understanding of the possibilities for collaboration and innovation. The references provided are nonetheless a great starting point for any investigation of the potential of MOOCs for workplace and lifelong learning.

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Full paper: Common Microcredential Framework

The European MOOC Consortium is collaborating on a Common Microcredential Framework (CMF) to be used by these platforms on a voluntary basis, but which may under the right circumstances could be converted into a formal qualification or standard for use by a wider set of universities adhering to the framework, achieved in partnership with national and supranational agencies.

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Press release: EMC launches Common Microcredential Framework

The European MOOC Consortium launches a Common Microcredential Framework (CMF) to create portable credentials for lifelong learners

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Kick-off meeting EMC-LM project
Group picture of EMC-LM partners

On 23 & 24 January, the Kick-off meeting took  place of the European MOOC Consortium-Labour Market project (EMC-LM). Herewith combining the world of education, training and the world of work. 

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Position paper

The European MOOC Consortium (EMC) submitted a position paper with regard to the development of the Bologna Process and the European Area of Higher Education. Besides degree education, universities organise continuous education, continuous professional development and open education (MOOCS, OER). These sectors are still underdeveloped in many European countries, about failing to reach the ET2020 objectives (See the EU Education and Training Monitor), while they have to meet the new educational needs in the economy and in society.

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